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Caroline’s reputation as a speaker is becoming legendary. She is one of the most energised, inspiring and transformational speakers today. Nailing the issues, creating breakthroughs and motivating the audience is her speciality. Dynamic, direct, Sassy and all with a charming sense of humour, Caroline will leave your audience feeling vibrant and ready to go!

Caroline is an international speaker and trainer. She has delivered talks and workshops in several states in the US, Johannesburg, Singapore, Malaysia, Bali, Wales and London.

Caroline is an engaging and motivational speaker on a range of topics, including:

Keynote Speaker

Caroline delivers compelling talks on a variety of topics, all entertaining and potentially life-changing. She speaks internationally on topics including success and achievement, business development, sales, business benefits of diversity, NLP and inspiration and motivation.

Caroline is one of a unique breed of professional speakers: as well as being a truly outstanding presenter, she also has real-world success and experience that makes her speeches engaging, entertaining and educational.

Caroline is a woman with a purpose. International trainer, successful business woman in the fields of law, training and mediation as well as a keen traveller, her achievements are clearly impressive and it is no surprise to discover that she has a clear mission ...

Her aim is to establish practices such as work/life balance, positive thinking, and activity management as a way of life to promote good health, improved relationships and better quality of life for everyone.

Caroline has presented at national events and exhibitions. Caroline's emotional intelligence, energy and enthusiasm for life are infectious. Through her experiences of life Caroline has discovered and developed strengths and a resourcefulness and creativity that have enabled her to create two successful businesses which go from strength to strength.

Caroline walks in the same shoes as her listeners. Her experiences will encourage others out of their comfort zones. She now lives the life she dreamed about, is a credible example of work life balance, an ambassador for living life fully and a strong role model for other women.

If you're visiting this page you are hopefully already familiar with Caroline's unique talents and vibrant personality, and you're wondering how these skills can be transmitted to your staff and utilised at your forthcoming corporate function.

Caroline essentially concentrates on inspiring and motivating people.

She uses a number of techniques to recognise the elements that inhibit individuals from achieving their full potential. There are a number of key issues that affect all of us in some way and Caroline offers simple solutions to overcome these personal discrepancies. The result - by improving the individual potential of each employee your organisation will reap the rewards of more passionate employees and increased productivity.

Today it is easy to lose belief in ourselves, forget our dreams and lose the confidence to develop.

Caroline aims to stimulate people to embrace life and stretch themselves physically, mentally and emotionally and to rekindle the spirit, energy and motivation that bring people alive.

Caroline is particularly interested in speaking to children at schools and students at colleges and does not charge a fee for these engagements. She has developed a special speech for children and students: 'Get a Winner's Image: Become who you want to be.

A few years ago, Carline decided to re-write the script of her life. Caroline thoroughly enjoyed her life as a lawyer. However, having decided on a career in law she followed the usual career path until 2003 when she felt as though she was meant to make a difference in the lives of more people. She discovered how to change her own life for the better and has now dedicated her life to helping others achieve their full potential.

Many people are on the finding themselves journey, but haven't lost themselves sufficiently! Caroline believes that you need to give up some of who you have become to embrace new ideas and new techniques that can literally change your life. Caroline hopes to stimulate people to embrace life and stretch themselves physically, mentally and emotionally and to rekindle the spirit, energy and motivation that bring people alive.

Caroline’s speeches include:

  • Make a decision and stick to it!
  • Winners make decisions quickly and rarely change them; losers make decisions quickly and rarely change. Which one are you?
  • Manage Your Activities not your Time

Everyone has 24 hours in every day: the Queen and the homeless person on the street. We cannot manage time. But we can manage our tasks and activities. This speech is for leaders.

How to Avoid a Near Life Experience

The sad thing about death is not the death of the body but the dreams and unfulfilled desires of the person who has died. Don't die with that song or that book inside you. The only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth. Get out of the rut.

Live the Life you Love/Create the life of your dreams/Create a Compelling Future/Create the life of your dreams/Create a Compelling Future

You really can live the life you love and you can love the life you live. You are the director and star of your life. Write your script now. Light Camera Action.

Add the X Factor and increase your profits by 135%

How to keep your Customers Happy and increase your profits without increasing your costs using dynamic customer focused skills.

Get the Winner’s Edge - The Art and Science of Winning

How to win at the game of life. The difference between winners and losers.

Coping with Change

Change can be stressful especially if people are unprepared and feel that they have no influence or control over what is happening.

Maximise your Motivation

The choices you make create your results. Learn how to increase your self-confidence, make better choices, plus the 4-step model for setting boundaries.

Get What You Really Want in Record Time

Create a plan for your business and your life. Learn to eliminate what's getting in the way. Be inspired to take action today.

Don't Be a Lone Ranger Get a Posse

Learn how to build your social capital and create community. This program will turn introverts into power networkers in a painless way. Learn how to create a great self-introduction.

You Are What You Think You Are

Our thoughts create our actions and our actions create our results. Learn how to be more positive and to change your self-talk.

Benefits of Diversity

Most companies are global. Most Business is conducted in various countries. A significant number of employees are from diverse backgrounds. Diversity means people are different ages. What motivates a young person in their first job is very different to what motivates an employee who is nearing retirement. People work in different and diverse ways: part-time; home workers as well as full time workers, contractors. How do you get everyone to work together as a team for the benefit of the organization? All businesses need to embrace diversity and find out how to make diversity work for them.

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Ethical Leadership: Diversity and Inclusivity

  • Take the Red Pill
  • Create the life you deserve
  • How to sell your legal service
  • How to be amazing
  • 12 Secrets to High Self Esteem
  • Grit to Gold –How to plan your legal career
  • How Lawyers can use Social media
  • Trust and Lawyers – Why people don’t trust lawyers

Book Caroline to Train your People.She delivers training on

  • Ethics and Law in South Africa
  • Code of conduct and ethics of solicitors
  • Fair Recruitment
  • Diversity in the legal profession

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